Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Atlanta School Locked Down

            A “suspicious” package at Brown Middle School prompted authorities to place the northwest Atlanta campus on lock-down recently. The school, located at 225 James P. Brawley Dr., was evacuated while police and Homeland Security analyzed the contents of the bag and swept the campus, Atlanta Public Schools spokeswoman Kimberly Willis Green told reporters.
                What was actually in the bag? Homework. Atlanta police spokeswoman Kim Jones said that the “package” turned out to be a student’s book bag.
                The number of bomb threats against schools around the country is surging. Dozens upon dozens of schools have closed in recent months. Frequent “robocalls” have been made to schools in New Jersey, Rhode Island, and Virginia, alleging that bombs were planted in their buildings.
                This has become a nearly foolproof way for a disgruntled student to go home early.
                Not that long ago students brought pocket knives- and even .22 rifles- to school, at least in rural areas of the country. Now any given toy, bag, shiny object, pin, tee-shirt or Christian symbol is likely to lead to a “lock-down” and police, Homeland Security and, possibly, the National Guard being summoned to the school. (Clock-bombs, however, might be acceptable. Check with your schools’ superintendent!).
                Not everything gets better with time.

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