Friday, April 22, 2016

National Socialists (Nazis) Would Lower Crime Rate, Man Says

                 A Nazi flag flying over a home in a Tennessee community north of Nashville has caused quite a stir. Many of Dale Spurgeon’s neighbors are upset about his choice of banners. (Perhaps they just need to chill out and be tolerant, inclusive, and non-judgmental). Mr. Spurgeon, a member of the National Socialist Movement, said “It’s my choice to fly the flag on my property. I don’t bother anyone.” The National Socialist Movement, the largest neo-Nazi group in America, was founded in 1994 and is based in Detroit, Michigan.
                Members of this group are unapologetically Nazi and refer to Adolf Hitler as their “holy leader,” according to a recent USA Today News report. According to the same report, Spurgeon said that, during the past few years, he has come to agree with the “structure of national socialism.” He elaborated by stating, “…there are some ways in which socialism would be good for America, like it was for Germany. No more rampant crime would be one of those ways.”
                In retrospect, I’m not sure one could say that National Socialism was good for Germany, as it led to the nation becoming a pariah that was subsequently bombed into rubble. While it is true that the Nazis rendered certain types of domestic crime less rampant, they did so by nearly exterminating an entire race of people. Instances of graffiti, jaywalking and slander were greatly reduced, even as a holocaust was being perpetrated. Petty crimes were less common, but crimes against humanity soared. Sure, Germany was a tidy and orderly nation under Hitler, but one not averse to crime. Ask the Jews, millions of whom were exterminated as a result of National Socialism, just how crime-free the Third Reich was. Or ask the Polish people, the Czechs, those folks residing in the Low Countries of Belgium and the Netherlands, and the French if they felt safer under Nazi rule.
                If one knows he or she may be put to the gas chamber- or baked in an oven- if they break the law (or otherwise displease those in power) it does tend to have an ameliorating affect on crime.
                Moreover, the crime rate tends to drop in concert with the population. If you kill or imprison all the Jews, blacks, gays, infirm, Christians, etc., etc., the crime rate will likely decrease. Just as it would if you “offed” all the whites or Aryans. In fact, experts say, should humans become extinct, the crime rate would necessarily fall to zero, as it’s considerably more difficult for people to break the law after they are deceased.


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