Thursday, April 21, 2016

Bedtime For Bernie

                 Bernie Sanders is attempting to spark a political revolution in America. Indeed, though he will lose to Hillary, he came closer than many thought possible to bringing Socialist rule to the United States. Well prior to this, however, Bernie apparently tried to help bring about a sexual revolution in the country, going so far as to suggest that young women who abstained from sex were more likely to get cancer. Sanders expounded on this theory in an article published- appropriately enough- in 1969, when he was a writer for that eminently respected journal, the Vermont Freeman. He noted in one of his columns, purely in the interest of science and women’s health I’m sure, that several studies showed that some women who got breast cancer were “inhibited sexually.”
                According to the New York Post, Sanders wrote, “It means, very bluntly, that the manner in which you bring up your daughter with regard to sexual attitudes may very well determine whether or not she will develop breast cancer.”
                One can easily visualize a radical young Bernie using this “scientific data” to his advantage in various Vermont watering-holes in ’69…and beyond. “You know, I was at Woodstock, and it was cool and all baby, but, really, I have a higher calling. I want to see breast cancer eradicated as part of my Holistic Women’s Health Care Plan. Let me buy you a drink and show you my prevention methods!”


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