Sunday, June 21, 2015

Progressive Reactionaries Or Reactionary Progressives?

                “Progressives” are funny. Well, okay, hypocritical. They want to “fundamentally change America,” or “fundamentally transform America,” and her institutions. No thought, phrase or act is too radical in their quest to rid the nation of traditional values, Christianity, the free market, successful businesses, guns, patriotism, Fox News, etc., etc.
                Tragically, they are, in general, enjoying much success in these endeavors. (Only country music seems to be unharmed or even growing stronger, and able to act as a partial bulwark against sheer, destructive lunacy).
                Yet, when the institutions and things the “progressives” like are occasionally called into question or threatened, they go ballistic and bellow, “We can’t change this! Why, public sector union benefits are sacrosanct, untouchable!” Threaten Public Television subsidies or the N.E.A. and they become utter reactionaries standing athwart history yelling… “stop!!”
                Want to fundamentally transform the arts community, Big Labor, Big Education, or the mainstream media? They’ll scream, “No! My Godlessness, no! Can’t you see these things are perfect as they are now?” Perhaps propose vouchers and school choice to help reform the public school system? “Nein! Das ist verboten!” They make Calvin Coolidge look like a wild-eyed, shoot-from-the-hip radical.
                Want to ban late-term abortions? Are you some kind of malcontent, a hippie freak that hates our country’s established and cherished traditions?

                Therefore, we must not be afraid to stand against the wind, to stride against the tide, to defend our beliefs and fight for what is right, no matter the odds or the cost. Look to Winston Churchill, Ronald Reagan, or Scott Walker for that matter, as (political) role models.
                If either politicians or voters- let alone both-  exhibited courage and integrity in all things and against all odds to do what’s right…not what’s best for their own personal gain, real progress could be made.

                And we could “fundamentally transform this country”…for the better.

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