Saturday, June 13, 2015

Second Amendment Clarity

               The second amendment to the Constitution is THE most important one. It was put there deliberately. It not only is a guarantor of rights itself…it is the only one that can protect the first amendment-the principles, the building block, the foundation of a new nation - and all the other amendments to follow. The second amendment in no way was meant only or simply to protect the right of the people to hunt or shoot or just have a gun around the house. It was meant specifically to protect the people against tyrannical (big) government. Indeed, unlike the first amendment’s ‘freedom OF religion’ clause, which in no way meant freedom from religion (a concept that would have made the founders cry…or laugh…an oxymoron),  the second amendment was, as previously stated, meant to protect the people from big government, and indeed was seen as not just a  right…but a duty!
              Many constitutional scholars don’t believe that the second amendment was deliberately put where it was, that it was intended to be…the second amendment… for any particular reason. I mean, hell, they had to put it somewhere, right?
               Similarly, many anti-gun nuts purport to believe that the authors of this fluid and ‘living document’ would no longer  want individual citizens to have the right to own firearms in today’s world. In fact, they would believe it to be just as important  a right (and duty) as ever.

              The majority of leftists/”progressives” seem to believe in one of the following three theories regarding the crucial amendment:

1)                                   1) The Founders didn’t really mean that people had the right to individually own and use firearms, but only as part of a government-controlled militia or fighting unit. This is exactly the opposite of their proclamation’s intent.
2)                                   2) The Founders missed a typo, or perhaps succumbed to a mild case of dyslexia, and actually meant that we had the right to arm and keep bears. This interpretation, however, would not go over well with the animal right’s crowd.


 T                   3) The Founders were clearly stating that people had the right to go sleeveless.

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