Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Rainbow Warriors Reign Supreme

                 It is no coincidence that the gay marriage movement and the push for endless gender designations and transsexual rights are occurring at the same time. They all are part of one coordinated whole, a broad attack on the family in general and any vestige of traditional values in particular. Oddly enough, most on the left who are big proponents of the aforementioned movements are also pro-choice if not pro-abortion. The right to eliminate pregnancies shouldn’t naturally be a big concern to gays and lesbians, but, hey, let’s make certain that, just in case, we come down firmly on the side against life!
                We need a much bigger tent now for all of the 57 or 61 or whatever number of genders are now recognized. We now need a really big tent to house all those who can now logically marry! As actual newspaper headlines read recently (this one is from the Minneapolis StarTribune): “Right To Marry For All.”
                That statement, now that we’ve taken procreation out of the marriage equation, is absolutely true. If it is only love that matters, than logically a woman would have to be free to marry her dog or her sister, e.g.
                Though these are enormous steps, this is not the end of the complete assault on American traditions and institutions, though it is, perhaps, the beginning of the end of those traditions and institutions. This is a many-front war, fought on cultural, economic, legal, and religious battlefields. The attempt to marginalize- or worse- Christianity will likely lead to Islam’s rise. The attempt to rid the nation of its capitalist, free-market economic system is ongoing and already somewhat successful itself, and can only lead to a poorer, less free America. The passage of Obama-care and the court mandate forcing all 50 states to legalize  gay marriage are the modern-day culture-war versions of Shiloh and Antietam. This most Supreme of Court’s decision to throw out the rule of law essentially ends the great experiment that was the United States. The nation, conceived in liberty, and dedicated to government of, by, and for the people, endured for 152 years after the Gettysburg Address.
                This will not stop the assault on what is left of American ideals, but will, in all likely-hood, lead to an ever-more confident group of progressives attempting to increase the pace of their attacks even as they consolidate their considerable gains. Any of their remaining opponents not now thoroughly cowed or craven will likely be literally or figuratively locked away.
                Conservatives have recently essentially forfeited the cultural war by trying to ignore it in the vain hope of appearing tolerant and hip. They thought they would be taken seriously if they kept their focus on the "important things" like economic policy, but culture trumps all.
 Once God was expunged from all public institutions and spaces, the Progressives, having won their first major battle, had a clear path to travel, and a large void that had to be filled.  The path has now been traveled, the void now filled.

                The Confederate flag has come down and the Rainbow flag has been raised.

                Old Glory will be lowered soon.

                Whose banner will replace it?

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