Friday, June 26, 2015

His Remarkable Rotundity

                He’s back in the news! His Remarkable Rotundity, Kim Jong-un, and His crackerjack team of North Korean scientists, have let the world know that they have invented a miracle drug! This astounding potion, called “Kumdang-2” (insert your own joke here), can cure AIDS, Ebola, Sars and Mers! I’m sure it can help one re-grow hair, prevent memory loss and take coffee-stains out of delicate fabrics, as well!
                The drug has several ingredients, only one of which the Hermit Kingdom’s finest will divulge at this time…ginseng.
Oddly enough, the impoverished “republic” is one of the world’s largest producers of ginseng. And nothing else, except bullshit and bellicosity.
Now, perhaps, they can set their minds toward inventing something that can cure delusions or even stop hunger.
Like food.

This recent announcement is probably best taken with a grain of salt, as its source is the same government that has previously declared that Kim Jong-un: learned to drive at the age of three, won a yacht race as a nine-year-old, and has climbed the country’s highest mountain.

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