Thursday, June 11, 2015

Artificial Morality

                Artificial limbs. Artificial insemination. Artificial intelligence.
                Transgender. Gender questioning. Gender abandonment. Gender re-assignment. Bi-gender.
                Artificial uteruses? Artificial penises?
                It is a Brave New World, indeed.
                Who will be the first person to actually impregnate themselves??! You know it is coming soon.  That will give a whole new meaning to single parenthood! It doesn’t take a village, it doesn’t take a family, it doesn’t even take a mom and a dad…it just takes… me! This will perfectly suit these selfish, self-absorbed times and  ironically take us back nearly to unicellular organism reproduction. This regression by “progression” will, however, result in the first asexual, sexual reproduction! Cool!
                The whole “there isn’t two genders, but literally an infinite number of gender possibilities,” gig is  potentially a huge boon to the greeting card industry. There will be “Happy Gender-Questioning Day” cards and “Happy Non-Binary Gender Day” cards and “Happy Trans*Female Day” cards, etc., etc.
                If you eventually do impregnate yourself, you may get both a Mother’s Day and a Father’s Day card! That begs a question, however. Is it proper to get yourself a card on both holidays?
                Interestingly, the exponential increase in artificial intelligence is occurring at the same time as the rapid change in morals, mores and values.  Add to that the fact that most of us now interact far more with computers, monitors, televisions, video games, I-pads, smart-phones, etc., than we do with real live people in the same place and moment with us, and we have a potent recipe’ for truly fundamental change.
                Artificial insemination has long existed. Artificial intelligence is now here. Artificial organs are on the way.

                Artificial morality is coming soon.

              And it will likely be the only kind of morality left.

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