Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Hillary Clinton and the Republican Presidential Candidates

             There is a vast field of Republicans vying for their party’s Presidential nomination in 2016. The list of nominees already would nearly fill up a New York City phone book. It would be quicker to recount the names of those who aren’t running than of those who are.
In fact, those of you Republicans not running for President in 2016, please stand up.

Okay, thank you Caitlynn Jenner and Laura Bush. You may be seated now.

There will be more entrants in this race then the 2015 Kentucky Derby. Talk about a goat rodeo!
And, as in the Kentucky Derby, most of them will be pretenders to the throne. Some, like Jeb Bush and Mike Huckabee, are establishment liberals, nice guys, but Republicans in name only (RINO’s). Others, such as Donald Trump, are a bit on the arrogant (and crazy) side. (I realize this makes them sound like Hillary Clinton, and duly apologize. None of them are that bad or corrupt).
A few, such as Scott Walker, Ted Cruz, Carly Fiorina and Marco Rubio, appear to be the real deal, tough-minded conservatives who could make a positive difference in the lives of most Americans. If they don’t make a bone-headed remark during the long campaign. Which, recent history tells us, they probably will. The Democratic candidates (candidate?) will make bone-headed remarks as well, but the mainstream media, debate moderators, etc., will pretend not to hear, cover-up the remark, or use any and all tricks in the proverbial book to distract viewers/listeners from those comments and direct them to the Republican’s misstatements, though they may well be- and typically are- of far less import and gravity.
The Hillary led State Department grants favors to foreign contributors to the Clinton’s own private  Foundation? What’s the problem? Dan Quayle misspells potato? Run the bastard out of town! Obama makes a remark, while campaigning, alluding to visiting “all 57 states?” So what? Obama talks about his, “deep and abiding Muslim faith,” and is gently corrected/prodded by the interviewer into acknowledging his deep and abiding Christian faith? Nothing to see here! Move along, I’m sure “W” has said something funny!
No single debate will be able to accommodate the Republican field in its entirety, as no individual candidate would be allotted enough time to properly respond to a single question. Plus, the stage might well collapse.
Let’s hope the GOP field coalesces quickly and doesn’t turn into an “insane clown posse’.”
Speaking personally, if the 2016 contest for U.S. head honcho pits Hillary Clinton against Jeb Bush, I may move to Canada. I consider myself an independent, not because it sounds good or is fashionable, but because most Republicans are spineless and quick to move to the left upon pressure or inauguration. I believe in the Constitution, the rule of law, the free market, limited government, natural rights,  our Founders, Calvin Coolidge and Ronald Reagan, etc., not establishment Republicans.
Though I have just made sport of the Republican nominees, and with good reason, I must say it is a truly deep (obviously) and interesting field, with many different beliefs and viewpoints…and several good candidates. I guess that makes it diverse.
Which is far more than can be said for the pathetic Democratic “field.” One default candidate? Really? The Supreme Soviet couldn’t have done any worse. A lying, scandal ridden white woman who put up with her husband’s serial infidelity while in the White House, so she could have a chance at returning there as the President herself?!
Whatever we may say about the Republican nominees, they possess  passion, a modicum of creativity and varying viewpoints.

They offer voters a choice.

As opposed to the stale, liberal, straitjacket the Democrats will try to impose on us.

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