Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Papal Encyclical on Global Warming

                This past Thursday, June 18th, Pope Francis called for immediate changes in human behavior to fight global warming and save the environment, saying damage caused by contemporary lifestyles could leave future generations in a world of filth. Wow.
                I would’ve thought that he’d have called for immediate changes in human behavior to fight evil and save our souls, saying damage caused by contemporary lifestyles could leave future generations in a world of filth. Or lead to there not being future generations. We certainly are even now surrounded by a world of filth, as evidenced by popular culture and current events. The Kardashians, after-birth abortion, Islamic terrorism, Kim Jong-un, the belligerence of Russia and China, the push for gay marriage (I am not anti-gay), open bathrooms and unlimited gender identities.
                We have Dylann Roof, the sick, twisted, mass-murderer who took it upon himself to take the life of nine innocent African-American churchgoers. And we have Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson- and our President- doing their level best to fan the flames of racial hatred.
In my naivete’, I thought that the Pope’s role was to weigh in on things pertaining to the human soul and our relationship with God. I was unaware that the Pope was a renowned climatologist, keen to weigh in on temporal matters.
The Vatican has apparently been consulting for many months with “leading experts” on global warming. Do they do this with “leading experts” on abortion, contraception, Islam, etc.?
Francis blamed, in part, consumerism and the errant indifference of the powerful and the wealthy for the Earth’s troubles. Francis, an unimaginably powerful member of a wealthy church, ought to know that if there were fewer wealthy people there would be more poor people- not fewer. Prior to the existence of the U.S., or the free market, or industry period, there was almost universal poverty around the globe and the life expectancy of these poor and downtrodden people, subject to the edicts of their kings and the Pope, was less than half of what it is now.
This most liberal of Popes also called for the creation of a true world political authority and a binding international treaty that would have rich countries aid poorer ones and help them make the transition from fossil fuels to clean energies such as solar power. This world political authority would, by default, have to be led by a powerful entity. The U.S. is increasingly weak and has already willingly signed on to further castrating itself in the interest of preventing the climate from doing what it’s going to do anyway. Putin’s Russia? The Chi-coms? They both have a stellar  record of assaulting the globe with pollution and filth, not preventing it. Islam? Perhaps the Pope might want to speak about this notion?
The Pontiff also stated that everyone should consider taking public transit, carpooling, planting trees, turning off the lights and recycling.
Someone please let me know when you next see the Pope on a bus or in a subway. Oddly enough, the great-room wasn’t dark when Francis delivered his encyclical. This reporter is not sure if the lights on then or at the news conference that followed were solar-powered. The Pope does fly around the world frequently. Jet aircraft are some of the worst carbon-dioxide producers in existence.
Hilariously, many anti-religious and atheist types have praised this Pope’s recent remarks, some even going so far as to say that the Pope’s message applies to everyone regardless of their faith. They do not say that about his messages on abortion, birth-control or gender, for example. Odd. One might say almost hypocritical.
Michael Mann, a “climate scientist” at Penn State University, inventor of the infamous “hockey stick graph” and noted theologian, also came out in support of the Pontiff’s remarks. Incredibly, he stated, “Human activity is most likely responsible not just for most global warming but all of it, and then some…” There you have it. The unbiased, agenda-free experts have spoken.

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