Monday, June 15, 2015

Christianity In A P.C.World

                Christianity is increasingly being portrayed as “hate speech,” and this most tolerant of religions is coming under fire from the bizarre combination of secular progressives and Islamic extremists. Sadly, rather than holding fast to its own timeless faith and values, it is rapidly retreating and morphing into a post-modern religion that has as its only real tenets disdain of the successful, wealthy and traditional… and tolerance of everything else. It has been manipulated into acceding to progressive’s desires that it conform to modern man’s wishes and not the other way around. A great religion, founded on a set of  universally beneficial  principles, beliefs and mores’, that could lead one to eternal life because of incomprehensible love and sacrifice, has been browbeaten to the extent that it is now basically reduced to promoting income redistribution and a few other politically-correct causes.
                Swedish pastor Ake Green was arrested and jailed… that’s correct… imprisoned for reading passages from the Bible intimating that homosexuality is a sin. Similar episodes have taken place in Canada...and elsewhere. Why do no Western governments imprison Imams for teaching, albeit ever more stridently, the same thing? The Christian pastors are not in favor of stoning or killing anyone.
                Christianity is generally tolerant and yet is accused of being intolerant by the intolerant. It is mocked and scorned and blasphemed in almost every Hollywood movie and television series, in part because there is never any retribution or push back by Christians. That tolerant thing again.
                Islam, as many preach it today, is insanely intolerant and yet few in the mainstream media strenuously point that out anymore. You see, Christians are easy targets, literally, like the Jews. Hollywood doesn’t mind ridiculing the religion of Christ, because it knows there won’t be any repercussions. It is, however, terrified of insulting “the religion of peace,” as it knows people will die and studios will be blown up.
                It is no surprise that Europe, by almost any meaningful measurement, has been on a downward trajectory for years now, as it is literally losing its faith. America, with the help of a heavy shove by “progressives,” has now headed down that same slope, shedding its own Christian and free market  principles as it, too, descends.

              Where will we end up?

              History shows that when we trade our faith and our freedoms for an ever-growing government’s promise of a politically-correct utopia, it will be nowhere good. It certainly will be far from a Heaven on Earth.

                But it will be one Hell of a ride.

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