Saturday, June 27, 2015

Marriage Equality Laid Bare

                It must not be forgotten that the progressive’s relentless push for the legalization of gay marriage has been with the exclusive goal of separating marriage from procreation. If they could somehow convince people that the union of one man and one woman, the bedrock of nearly all societies world-wide since the beginning of time, was in no way special or unique, than anything goes. If no particular benefit is acknowledged for a couple’s having the innate ability to  create life and foster their child’s development in a stable, complete, balanced structure, the one remaining significant bulwark against complete chaos and depravity has been defeated.  
With that major mountain climbed, logically it should be comparatively easy to convince people that polygamy is okay and incest is no big deal. Many, many people consider their pets family members and love them truly, fully, deeply and unconditionally- above most humans, in many cases. How on earth, if marriage isn’t about procreation and what’s best for producing and raising  children, but only about who or what we love or enjoy being around most, are we to tell others they can’t marry their Golden Retriever? Loving companions and partners of any stripe are now on legally equal footing with a husband and wife with complimentary sexual organs, whether those organs be provided by God or Gaia, intelligent design or evolution.
Want to marry your dad or uncle? No big whoop. A water-buffalo? You go sister! Everyone on your cul-de-sac? More power to you! A nine-year-old? That’s what I’m talkin’ about!
Lots of folks would marry their smart-phones. Don’t laugh or scoff.

Love is love.

 It's all the same.

As the President of the United States himself proclaimed.

Nothing deeper, nothing sacred.

Forevermore, in the USA.


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