Sunday, November 5, 2023

FBI Brands Trump Supporters "Terrorists;" Nation At The Brink


Newsweek recently reported that the FBI has clandestinely created a new subcategory of domestic terrorists that it intends to target going forward. The group has been labeled AGAAVE, which stands for anti-government, anti-authority violent extremism, but which is neither anarchist, a militia, or a sovereign citizen group.

The group? Supporters of former President Donald Trump, of course. Those dastardly Make America Great Again types.

As part of a three-month-long investigation, Newsweek spoke to more than a dozen current or former government officials specializing in terrorism. These experts revealed that the FBI is covertly monitoring MAGA Republicans because the now off-the-rails domestic intelligence agency purportedly suspects that Trump supporters are the greatest threat of violence. Trump supporters. (By God, I wouldn’t put it past them to once again impede Capitol police officers’ bullets, clubs and fists with their body parts. And I can see the “Shaman” donning face paint and Viking horns again and then proceed to stroll through a government building or down Pennsylvania Avenue.)

According to Newsweek, the covert classification was “a subtle change, little noticed, but a gigantic departure for the Bureau.” It added, “Trump and his army of supporters were acknowledged as a distinct category of domestic violent extremists, even as the FBI was saying publicly that political views were never part of its criteria to investigate or prevent domestic terrorism.”

Far be it for our federal intelligence and law-enforcement agencies to worry about the Pro-Palestinian extremists, the pro-baby-killers rallying and celebrating in the streets of some of our bigger cities. And why should they worry about all the military age men streaming across our southern border…from the Middle East, China, and God knows where else, in addition to the Mexican cartels, coyotes, etc.? They certainly aren’t concerned with BLM and Antifa rioting-- or flash mobs cleaning out retail outlets across the country with impunity. Are you engaging in—or supporting those who engage in—violent crime, theft, and arson? Not to worry! That’s your right! Thinking of voting for Trump? Watch your back. And your front. And your sides. Because you are being watched in the new America. And they have six ways from Sunday of getting back at you if you don’t vote correctly.

When the party in power openly targets its political opponents and calls them “terrorists,” it crosses a Rubicon. It is the opposite of justice and further divides the country…into oppressors and the oppressed. The goal is sheer intimidation. If there is any pushback to this naked totalitarianism, those unethically wielding their power point and shout, “See, hate-filled violent terrorist” at those who dare to challenge them.

And so they are ostracized-- and likely cancelled, fined, or perhaps even thrown into prison.

It is not enough to say of this, “the founders would’ve been shocked and appalled!” That is incorrect. They would never have let things get to this point. We know this, because, though many suffered less oppression at the hands of their British rulers/overlords than MAGA Republicans and traditional, liberty-loving Americans are suffering—or will suffer—under this administration and the Deep Dark State, they refused to accept it, so help them God. They mutually pledged their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor in committing to make the colonies free and independent states.

One party is attempting, through various means, to destroy, ban, or make illegal the other party. It is using all the powers of the state to do so. At the very least, it is determined to make sure, through various means, most nefarious, that its opponents can never win a significant national election again. In America.

That bears repeating. In America. (Land of the formerly free. Home of the formerly brave.)

This should be the biggest story of our time, because it greatly affects all others…and everything else, foreign as well as domestic. And because it is so preposterously, despicably, un-American……and so legitimately, existentially, dangerous to our democracy.

But don’t expect RINOs to do anything to preserve the last, best hope. And I wouldn’t count on Conservative Inc. to do much, either.

Rather, it is up to us, the very MAGA supporters that the FBI so detests. So join your local school board, become an election observer, run for office, and help get out the message…and the vote.

Let’s do whatever it takes, short of violence, to save this nation.

Let us pledge this on our sacred honor.



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