Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Insurrection? No, "Passion!"


There was a massive pro-Palestinian protest in Washington, D.C., over the weekend. Demonstrators demanded an Israeli ceasefire and criticized the Biden administration for being 'pro-genocide.’  Some chanted “From the river to the sea…”

They also threw things at Secret Service agents, tried to scale the White House fence, and vandalized White House walls…and several statues. Scary, right? Did politicians from either party claim they almost died? Nah. The protesters weren’t wearing red hats.

In fact, ABC correspondent Mary Bruce, in a post on ‘X’, was almost laudatory in her characterization. She called the protests/protesters “passionate.” She had, of course, previously called the Jan. 6 protest an “insurrection,” knowing full well what that designation may mean for those involved.

Again, the protesters defaced statues and buildings with graffiti and “blood.” They attempted to breach the White House fence. And numerous protesters were carrying signs adorned with swastikas.

Yet no arrests were made. No aspersions were cast. No politician is in trouble. The protest didn’t generate 24/7 media coverage, either. “Nothing to see here. Everyone move along.”

“Passionate?!” And we thought they couldn’t top “mostly peaceful.”

What’s next for the enemy of the people mainstream media? Will they call the Hamas supporters zealous? Zesty? Boisterous? Rambunctious? Intent? Determined? Hard-working? Ardent? Full of life? Or perhaps they will apply those terms to actual Hamas members.

You can bet that if the protesters had been Trump supporters, pro-life groups, or devout Christians, the adjectives—and reactions—of the fourth estate would have been very different. Media members would have stressed how angry, aggressive, and full of hate the protesters were, and how dangerous they were to those in and around the White House…and to “our democracy.” They would have been branded “far-right,” “extremists,” “Christian nationalists,” and “violent.” They would have been labeled “insurrectionists.”

The glaring difference with which the media treats the left-wing groups it likes as opposed to the way it treats those it despises, such as Republicans, conservatives, traditionalists, patriots-- and the like-- would be comical in its brazenness…if it didn’t pose such a danger…to our democracy.

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