Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Democrats Putting America, Americans Last


A Chinese company is set to receive more than $536 million in state incentives and tax breaks to build an electric vehicle battery plant in Illinois, according to a recent WLS-TV report. The lithium-ion batteries will be used in electric vehicles and energy storage systems. The erstwhile Land of Lincoln’s Democratic Governor, J. B. Pritzker, has offered Chinese Communist Party-linked battery manufacturer Gotion more than half a billion dollars in largess to build a plant in Manteno, a town located approximately 50 miles south of Chicago. Pritzker has decided to shrug off any national security concerns. And Pritzker is not alone in his fondness for purportedly CCP-linked companies to set up shop in his back yard. Just last fall, Michigan’s Democratic Governor, Gretchen Whitmer, backed a plan to build a Gotion EV factory in her state.

China is also buying up America’s farmland. Especially in areas close to our sensitive military facilities. For some reason. Authorities don’t seem to care. Even as the Biden administration threatens ever more burdensome restrictions on American farmers. And as numerous food processing plants are being destroyed.

Meanwhile, in Gotham City, Mayor Eric Adams has announced massive budget cuts to offset the rapidly rising costs of providing services to illegal immigrants.

Increases in crime and fire deaths at the same time as Mayor Eric Adams is cutting the police and fire department budgets to offset the increase in spending on illegal immigrants. Adams has proposed cutting the city’s budget by 15%, in part by slashing the Big Apple’s police and fire department budgets, in particular for overtime spending. NYC’s Correction and Sanitation departments will also be expected to cut overtime pay.

Unfortunately, response times to fires and medical emergencies in the city have already increased over the past year, per the Mayor’s Management Report. Those times are likely to increase even further due to the upcoming budget cuts.

Moreover, there was a 52% increase in civilian fire deaths from fiscal year 2019 to 2023, according to the same report. The FDNY attributed the increase to more residents using e-bikes and e-scooters, which run on, you guessed it, lithium-ion batteries. Officials say that there were more deaths caused by battery fires than by electrical fires this past year. Hmm. Perhaps New York should join Illinois and Michigan in attempting to get an allegedly CCP-linked lithium-ion battery plant to locate there.

Democratic-led governments, federal and state, go out of their way to berate, hinder, and push away American businesses, especially those in the critical energy and food production sectors. (California recently filed a lawsuit against gas and oil providers.) Yet they welcome Chinese businesses with open arms.

The Biden administration welcomes illegal aliens with open arms—and open wallets (the taxpayer’s) but cannot be troubled to protect and serve American citizens. Sorry there isn’t enough money for the police and fire departments—or to pick up the garbage—but we have to take care of the migrants first! Amazing. And sick.

I would ask those who blushed a bit when they heard Trump repeatedly say “America First” how they feel now. How do you like “America last?” Does it make sense for anyone?

It is time to once again put America First. A call out to RINOS: forget globalism. Screw China. Quit sabotaging America by trying to compromise with those who wish Americans ill. Stop counting your cash. It’s time you Thurston Howell Republicans got off your asses and sided with those who put you in office. To hell with the Democrats. Leave the safety and comfort of the Uniparty. Do something that takes courage…for once. Build the wall. Grow a spine.

Tell the truth.

And make America great once more.


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