Saturday, November 18, 2023

Democrats' Extremism, Incivility, Gaslighting Precludes Civil Response


Many people wonder why today, as opposed to even the recent past, the political parties can no longer be civil to-- or even tolerate one another. Well, the reason for that is that the Democratic Party has become so extreme and moved so far left that it is no longer possible for a sane person to agree with them. Today’s Democrats bear little resemblance to those of the Truman or even Kennedy eras. They are not just economic Marxists believing in equality of outcome, but cultural Marxists that wish to deny and/or destroy all that came before them, including the very concept of men and women.

Not content with even this, they boldly attempt to impose their ideas—and will-- on everyone else. They want equity of beliefs and values, as long as those beliefs and values are their own.

It is one thing to believe in somewhat bigger government and higher taxes, quite another to believe that baby killing should be enshrined as the law of the land and that men can become women just by saying so. And that others should not have the right to believe what they see, think what they want, say what they will, or even defend themselves. This kind of tyranny, especially in the guise of “democracy,” simply cannot be tolerated if we are to have a free and representative republic…and a viable society. It must be dealt with the way our founders dealt with British tyranny. The Biden administration has issued a veritable plethora of edicts and mandates that should rightly constitute a modern version of the “Intolerable Acts,” so many in fact that there is not space enough for them to be catalogued here.

As Thomas Jefferson so unambiguously stated, “I have sworn-- on the altar of God—eternal hostility to all forms of tyranny over the minds of man.”

Unfortunately, there are few, if any, Thomas Jeffersons, Patrick Henrys, Paul Reveres, Samuel Adamses, or George Washingtons in today’s Republican Party—or anywhere else.

So, it may well be up to us to reclaim our birthright and take back our freedoms.

Time grows short.







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