Thursday, November 2, 2023

America 2.0


America is being neutered. Demonized. One might also say “fundamentally transformed.” Unless you’re a Marxist, it is not pretty. The nation most steeped in the Judeo-Christian tradition is now nearly unrecognizable.

Read Bible verses to your kids? Take them to a Trump rally? Refuse to admit your son can become your daughter? Really? Well, you may get a visit from Child Protective Services. And your kids may be taken away…from you and your “dangerous extremism.”

But, of course, this will not happen if you read excerpts from “Gender Queer” to them. Or take them to a Biden rally. Allow your offspring to lop off their breasts or genitalia, and take puberty blockers or hormone treatments, and all will be well. As long as you address them by their “correct” pronouns.

You see, Christianity is on the way out. It is being slowly expunged from the land, along with the truth.

Atheism, Paganism, and self-worship are the new religions in America 2.0.

The “Progressive” Left has somehow duped half the country into tolerating everything. Everything, that is, except traditional mores. Tolerate open borders. Tolerate countless deaths from fentanyl and opioid overdoses. Tolerate human (and sex) trafficking. Tolerate human feces and used syringes on our sidewalks and streets. Tolerate lockdowns and mask mandates. Tolerate the forced entry of experimental mRNA vaccines into our bodies. Tolerate crime. Tolerate drag queens reading to our young children. Tolerate being forced to call females males…and vice-versa. Tolerate lying.

This unwarranted hyper-tolerance has filled the void where belief used to reside. We are no longer to believe in the goodness or greatness of America. We are no longer to believe in the founders. We are no longer to believe in free markets. We are no longer to believe in free speech. We are no longer to believe in any objective standards. We are no longer to believe in honoring “thy father and mother.” We are no longer to believe “male and female He created them.” We are no longer to believe what our own eyes are seeing. Yet we are no longer to believe in a “sky-God” we cannot see.

As G.K. Chesterton noted, ”Tolerance is the virtue of people who do not believe anything.”

In my opinion, tolerance isn’t even always a virtue. Don’t believe me? Stroll through downtown San Francisco.


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