Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Salon Writer Equates Hamas With Republicans, Christians, Trump Supporters


Salon, which is to news and opinion as Porta Potties are to lavatories, proved unable to wait even one full week after Hamas terrorists massacred thousands of Israelis (and at least 33 Americans) before reminding the twisted souls who read the rag that Christian Republicans are the real threat to the planet’s roughly 8 billion people. On Oct. 12th, the far-left repository of radical refuse published an unhinged polemic by former White House correspondent Brian Karem asserting that the Republican Party and Hamas are "both terrorist groups,” and any difference is “just a matter of degree."

As if that preposterous-- and libelous—statement wasn’t enough, Karem recently doubled down via a similar piece, suggesting that "MAGA and Christian nationalism" together constitute a greater threat to America than "Hamas could ever be." B.K. needs to be reminded that the country was founded by Christian nationalists, which is in large part why it became the most successful nation in the history of the world. Neither Christians nor nationalists tend to behead babies or kill children in front of their parents. Trump supporters don’t typically take the elderly hostage. Patriots rarely prey on innocents. And I have never heard of a horde of screaming Republicans crossing another nation’s border and butchering thousands.

I’m guessing, if he were to be honest, Mr. Karem would be less confident of his safety were he with Hamas in Gaza than he would be in, say, a Catholic church or at a Republican caucus. But Mr. Karem is not honest. He is either a hate-filled pathetic liar…or insane.

As for Salon? If it were a printed publication, it would be quite suitable for use in a Porta Potty.

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