Sunday, November 12, 2023

CNN Claims Pumpkins Are "A Big Cause Of Climate Change"


This is one spooky story. Because it once again illustrates the psychosis and insanity afflicting the mainstream media and assorted experts that are so desperate to scare us.

CNN recently warned us that the disposal of pumpkins after Halloween is an “environmental nightmare” that is “a big cause of climate change.” The flagging network’s report began by stating, "More than 1 billion pounds of pumpkins are grown in the U.S. every year," before adding that “millions of pumpkins rot in landfills” after Halloween. So, what’s the problem? The erstwhile jack-o-lanterns then “produce methane, a powerful greenhouse gas.”

But that’s not all. CNN brought in an expert to further explain…and advise. Beverly Jaszczurowski, CEO of Scarce, an environmental group focused on recycling and reusing commercial products, warned us that pumpkins are composed mostly of water which cannot be recouped when the pumpkin is thrown away. "Pumpkins are about 90% water, and then that water gets trapped in the landfill and we never get it back," Jaszczurowski said.

CNN’s blockbuster report also claimed that-- even when decomposing-- the pumpkins still produce too much methane, which "warms the atmosphere to the same extent" as carbon dioxide but in a shorter amount of time.

Jaszczurowski helpfully informed the masses of how to properly dispose of the vegetable, saying, "the best way is to either put it under a bush in your yard…if you don’t have composting by you…and the squirrels, maybe a raccoon will eat it. And by the spring you will never even know the pumpkin was there. It’ll be gone.” At which point she cheerily added, “Unless you get some volunteer seeds that grow a pumpkin and then you have more pumpkins.”

But then you have more water-hording, methane-producing, climate-changing gourds to dispose of next year! Egads! I mean, you may as well just murder the planet, you selfish large orange vegetable lover!

How is it any different if a pumpkin goes to a landfill to decompose or does its decomposing in your back yard under a bush? It is still releasing methane as it disintegrates. And the same goes for the water it releases. Landfill or back yard, it’s all the same. Ground moisture—water—eventually is recycled through evaporation and rainfall, regardless of the trek it must make to do so.

Putting a frightening face on a pumpkin is one thing. Using those jack-o-lanterns to panic people about “climate change” is quite another.



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