Saturday, August 13, 2022

Biden Administration's Farcical Climate Policies To Devastate Farmers, Exacerbate Food Shortages


There has been much talk of food shortages recently.

You ain’t seen nothing yet.

Or so say folks like Stephanie Nash, a 4th generation dairy farmer. She and many other farmers are warning that President Biden’s new climate plans will jeopardize our food supply and eventually force many of them out of business. Deliberately.

This at a time when food prices are rapidly rising and food processing plants are rapidly disappearing.

Does it make sense to punish the people who grow our food? Especially when there are already shortages?

This is not your grandfather’s Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party. If Democrats had integrity, they would drop the “F” and “L” from “DFL.” (And if pigs had wings, they could fly.) A truer acronym for their party would be PEA, for Pandering-Elitist-Authoritarians. The PEA Party has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? Fitting.

Democrats are rabidly pro-abortion. Their policies foster violent crime. They tend to favor assisted suicide. And the legalization of even hard and hallucinogenic drugs. They were/are all-in on vaccine mandates. Apparently, they never met a population control measure they didn’t like.

So, it’s not surprising they want to curtail our food supply.

Hell, too many Americans are overweight, anyway, right? Taking meat and dairy away from them will be a blessing in itself. And it will help stop climate change! A twofer!

But farmers are revolting in the Netherlands. Perhaps those in Canada and the U.S. will join them soon. This has the makings of an “Atlas Shrugged” situation. Who could blame farmers if they eventually said “the hell with it” and walked away.    

Teachers are often said to be the “real heroes.” But, for my money, the people that work dawn to dusk all year long-- fighting through bad weather to feed us-- trump those who are trying to groom our kids and tell them they should consider switching sexes, while teaching them to hate the United States based on faux history. But maybe that’s just me.

Speaking of bad weather, do you really think farmers would be against policies that would likely dramatically lessen the chance that they would suffer through more droughts, floods, and violent storms? (The global warming hucksters don’t really believe what they’re saying, either, else they wouldn’t continue winging around the world in private jets, buying up coastal and island properties.)

I have a big beef with those who would restrict the raising of livestock-- and the production of crops. The fertilizer that comes spewing out of the mouths of the elite globalist snobs is far less useful—and more toxic—than anything made by C.F. Industries or Monsanto.

So why do so many people purport to support leftist policies that are so obviously and demonstrably damaging? Why do roughly half of Americans vote for hypocritical, condescending buffoons? Some are just ignorant. (Not the same as stupid.) Many are swept up in group think. Others are afraid of the possible consequences of deviating from acceptable thought and action. (Say, didn’t this used to be America? Didn’t we used to be Americans?) In a tragic irony, most of our leaders, and the “experts” pushing these policies, know that these measures will devastate farmers—and regular folks—without helping to alleviate or lessen climate change. Instead, these policies help them to get even richer and consolidate their power.

As I’ve stated here before, you have to give them credit for one thing: they are brilliant at being evil.





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