Monday, July 3, 2023

Michigan To Imprison Those With "Wrong" Opinions?


Michigan’s Democratic House recently passed legislation that the Wolverine State representatives hope would shut down “hate speech,” if enacted. House Bill 4474 is a vague censorship bill that would cement “feeling threatened” as legitimate and reasonable grounds to prosecute offenders.  The measure is just unconstitutional enough to arouse “progressives,” and could be used to imprison someone who, for example, adamantly asserts that there are only two sexes. And subject that someone to a $10,000 fine. If another someone claims that assertion of fact makes them “feel threatened.” Should a potential truth-teller offender be lucky, he or she might only be sentenced to a re-education camp euphemistically called “community service” in order to “enhance” said offender’s “understanding of the impact of the offense upon the victim and wider community.”

It used to be commonly said, usually by children, that “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words shall never hurt me.” But that America was stout and confident. And far more mature than the one that Obama, Biden, and the rest of today’s radical Democrats have bequeathed us. So, in the very likely event that House Bill 4474 is signed into law, you may be thrown into prison-- for up to five years—for purportedly “hurting someone’s feelings.”

And Michigan isn’t alone in attempting to criminalize opinions. Minnesota (no surprise), among other blue states, has seen a “bias bill” introduced, one that would also make verbal dissent from extreme woke orthodoxy a crime. You see, to these fledgling tyrants, the First Amendment is not a guarantee. It isn’t even an option, or a choice. They, and only they, decide what can be communicated. But don’t worry, they have everyone’s safety in mind. Right?

Speaking of choices, @flamingpetty of The Atlantic recently tweeted that the variety at the grocery store has become “overwhelming,” adding that “single-option stores” may be the “solution.”

She wrote: “On a recent afternoon, while running errands before I had to pick up my kids from school, I froze in the orange-juice aisle of a big-box store. So many different brands lay before me: Minute Maid, Simply, Tropicana, Dole, Florida’s Natural, Sunny D—not to mention the niche organic labels. And each brand offered juices with various configurations of pulp, vitamins, and concentrate.” And then she utterly wigged out, stating: “The sheer plenitude induced a kind of paralysis: Overwhelmed by the choices on offer, I simply could not make one. I left the store without any orange juice.” Too many choices?

How pathetic! And how odd. It is free-market capitalism that has given us these choices—and this bounty, so…oh.

Most people have noticed that, due to pandemic and Biden-era policies, far too many store shelves have been empty these past couple of years. Sometimes it seems that stores are out of nearly everything one wants. Supply-chain issues, you know.

Maybe @flamingpetty was also trying to distract us from that fact. To gaslight us, as is leftists’ wont.

Is variety not the spice of life? Is @flamingpetty not pro-choice?! Does she believe a single-option country/one-party state would be better, too? She, and other progressives, would probably answer “yes,” as long as the single option/party was one like today’s woke-besotted Democrats.

 This is insane. (It’s a good thing I’m not a Michigander after Bill 4474 passes, or that statement might get me thrown in prison.) If we have only one choice of what to buy, who to vote for…or what to think…we really have no choice at all. This is a form of tyranny.

Progressives constantly lecture us that all attempts to age-restrict books flagrantly and explicitly promoting the LGBTQIIA+ community and ideology —and even the most extreme and deviant forms of “kink”-- are “censorship” and must be resisted. Yet, when it comes to Brave Books, a Christian-themed publisher, the American Library Association (ALA) somehow takes the opposite position. The ALA is coaching its members on how to deny permission for events where parents and celebrities gather to read books published by Brave in public spaces that libraries provide for meetings. In fact, the ALA is aggressively attempting to stymy the drive of Brave Books-- and Kirk Cameron—to get Christians to gather at public libraries around the country on August 5th to pray, sing and read.

We have arrived at a time where “drag queen story hours” are ubiquitous-- essentially mandatory-- and after-school Satan clubs are proliferating around the fruited plan. But Christian-themed activities are increasingly seen by progressives as beyond the pale. Just too extreme. Kinky, really. But not in the good way, like that so often illustrated by the LGBTQIIA+ community. (Especially the + community. Wink, wink, honey!)

America was founded to fight economic, physical, and mental tyranny. But no one is allowed to know that anymore. That fact can no longer be taught or uttered. Democrats do not wish you to “be allowed” to think and communicate freely. They do not want parents to have a say in what their precious children are taught. Which is why they are against school choice. Some, apparently, don’t even think affording you a choice of orange-juice is a good thing. They do believe you must be pro-choice when it comes to abortion, however.

Which is no choice at all.

All life is a series of choices. The more the better. The more choices, the freer one is. This is why libs demand everyone else have only one: agree with them. Or else.


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