Saturday, July 15, 2023

San Francisco Drug Addicts Fueling Real Estate Boom In Honduras


A recent San Francisco Chronicle report stated that sanctuary city policies have aided drug dealers from Honduras to such an extent that the money they are sending home is fueling a real estate boom.

Well, at least Democrat policies have been good for one economy!

The report cited interviews with multiple Honduran migrants who sold drugs in San Francisco, and who noted that the sanctuary city policies resulted in a much lower risk of deportation-- as well as shorter stints in prison for any drug dealer actually convicted of a crime. One dealer told the Chronicle that at least 50% of the drug dealers from his hometown were selling their wares in San Francisco because of the lax enforcement policies. The dealer opined, “In San Francisco, it’s like you’re here in Honduras.”

He added, “The law, because they don’t deport, that’s the problem. Many look for San Francisco because it’s a sanctuary city. You go to jail and you come out.” He further stated that some of the Honduran drug dealers were making so much money-- and sending it home-- that the real estate market had experienced a big surge in Honduras.

Honduras is benefitting from San Francisco’s descent into  destitution, depravity, and despair? To the extent that, “In San Francisco, it’s like you’re here in Honduras.”

That’s quite a comparison. One that is becoming more and more appropriate on many levels, but one that is not exactly a feather in the cap of The City by the Bay.

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