Sunday, July 9, 2023

U.S. DOD To Allow Lower Fitness Standards For Transgenders


A recent tweet from the United States Department of Defense stated:

@USArmy Maj. Rachel Jones found solace after coming out as a transgender female. Her journey from battling depression & suicidal thoughts to embracing authenticity inspires us all. #whyweserve”

The tweet featured a picture of Maj. Jones wearing camo and holding a Pride flag in each hand. The camouflage uniform doesn’t hide the fact that Maj. Jones is considerably overweight. Nor does it hide the fact that he she is struggling with mental illness. Tragically, the same can be said about a great many in today’s Obama-Biden military.

In fact, U.S. service members who identify as transgender can now apparently seek an indefinite fitness standards exemption. So Maj. Jones could avoid PT while he she focuses on battling depression-- and transphobia.

The world has arguably never needed America’s historically extraordinarily benevolent but incredibly lethal military more than it does today. And that military, the same one that defeated the British (twice), the Germans (twice), the Japanese—and that more recently effectively defeated the fourth largest standing army in the world (Iraq’s, in the Gulf War) in roughly four days—is now a shell of its former self. Its civilian and military leadership has completely redefined, remade, and re-tasked it.

Forget about protecting the homeland and American interests from China, North Korea, Iran, et. al., they say. Don’t worry about the ongoing and massive invasion occurring on our southern border. What really matters is proactively and aggressively fighting “systemic racism,” climate change, misogyny, and transphobia here at home! So what if China can buy and sell us? (They essentially already have. See also, the Biden administration.) So what if they conquer Taiwan? I mean, it only makes about 90% of the world’s most advanced semi-conductors, right? So what if Iran and/or North Korea possess nuclear weapons? I don’t think they’d use them against us, despite their incessant threats to do just that, do you? They are probably just kidding, right? I think that’s a good bet.

So, let’s turn back to the real threats—that of thermonuclear transphobia and misgendering and misogyny on a massive scale.

And let’s all embrace the inspiring “authenticity” of believing we are something we can’t possibly be.




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