Tuesday, July 4, 2023

CNN Says Giant Kites Could Help Propel Colossal Cargo Ships Across The Sea


This is CNN? Yes, the self-proclaimed “worldwide leader in news” recently posted the following on Twitter:

(CNN) -- You may have seen kite-surfers in action, harnessing the power of the wind to pull them over the sea. Now imagine the same concept applied to a 1,000-square-meter kite, flying 300 meters above the water – only instead of towing a surfer across the waves, it’s helping to propel a colossal cargo ship across the ocean.

That’s the basic idea behind the Seawing, a technology being developed by French company Airseas, which it says could help cargo ships reduce their fuel consumption, and cut their carbon emissions by an average of 20%.

Two engineers at the French aerospace company Airbus came up with the idea in 2016, launching Airseas to further develop the technology. After years of research, they are currently testing the kite on a cargo ship traveling between France and the US.

Powered predominantly by fossil fuels, the shipping industry accounts for around 3% of global greenhouse gas emissions, according to the International Maritime Organization.

And, sadly— yet humorously-- the post went on from there.

Um, 20% of 3% is sixth-tenths of one percent. Not a big reduction (in supposedly detrimental) carbon emissions. Especially in light of certain inconvenient truths…and inconveniences. First off, how is the giant kite suspended 300 meters above the water controlled? And what if there is no wind?

Ah, well, soon enough it won’t matter. If global elites get their way, nations—at least Western ones-- won’t have anything to ship. There will be no farms and no food, other than lab-grown substances and insects, that is. And we will have put the kibosh on the use of fossil fuels like coal and oil.

Most folks at CNN probably do not care for the likes of Magellan, Amerigo Vespucci, or Christopher Columbus.

Which is now a bit ironic since CNN appears to have discovered…the sailboat.

The “most trusted name in news” indeed!





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