Monday, July 24, 2023

CNBC Releases List Of "Worst States To Live And Work In"

CNBC recently released a remarkable ranking of “America’s 10 worst states to live and work in for 2023.”

Unsurprisingly, considering the source, the list consists exclusively of red states. The rankings were purportedly based on crime rates, environmental quality, health care, quality and availability of childcare, and inclusiveness in state laws such as reproductive rights, protections against discrimination and voting rights. Oh, got it. Guess we know how they weighted these factors. Access to unfettered abortion (“reproductive rights”), worship of the LGBTQ community (“Protection against discrimination”), and the “right” to vote sans identification, via mail, and early and often, obviously superseded “crime rates.”

Here is CNBC’s list of the “worst” states:

  1. Texas
  2. Oklahoma
  3. Louisiana
  4. South Carolina and Alabama (tie)
  5. Missouri
  6. Indiana
  7. Tennessee
  8. Arkansas
  9. Florida


Conversely, CNBC also graciously provided a list of the “best” states to reside in:

  1. Vermont
  2. Maine
  3. New Jersey
  4. Minnesota
  5. Hawaii
  6. Oregon
  7. Washington
  8. Massachusetts and Colorado (tie)
  9. Connecticut

Notice something oddly amusing, gentle readers?

Most of the states CNBC ranked as the worst in which to live and work are the states everyone is moving to…and several of the states it ranked as the best in which to live and work are the ones everyone is moving from. I guess all those who are going to the trouble of moving are doing so against their best interests.

Or maybe they are all just complete idiots.

Unlike the CNBCers who compiled these rankings, of course.

Maybe I’ll compile a list of the ten most biased media outlets to work for in 2023. On second thought, that would be damn hard to do.







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