Saturday, July 15, 2023

Men Are Lactating. Are Pigs Flying?

Apparently, a ‘trans woman’ is planning to start a gofundme page in order to afford breast pumps so ‘she’ can lactate. Libs of TikTok recently shared a video in which the trans person says that ‘she’ would “love to help a family that can’t breastfeed and does want the milk” by giving them an option for their children to have “transgender milk.”

The faux female says she will have to do a lot of pumping-- adding, “And that means I’m going to be running around out on the streets pumping, too.” Yikes.

The validity and safety of this “transgender milk” is questionable at best. According to the Daily Mail, so-called transgender women must take potent medication combinations in order to induce lactation and subsequently breastfeed—or “chest-feed,” as it were. The practice is fraught with potential risks due to the drugs used to stimulate milk production. 

And I thought there was a big push to consume only natural, non-artificial, non-genetically-modified foods?

But hey, what could go wrong? Even the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is now offering suggestions for trans men and women who want to breastfeed. That’s right, the CDC is saying that chest-feeding isn’t just for trans women anymore, but also for trans men, biological women who have removed their breasts but still want to nurse babies!

 To recap, there is a growing number of biological men who wish to use their artificial breasts to feed (other people’s) babies. And, apparently, a group of women who have voluntarily had their breasts removed…yet still wish to breastfeed. This raises a question that should be obvious: why did they have their breasts lopped off in the first place?

But there is a still bigger issue: is there anything the fashionably woke won’t do to children?

Apparently not. It will abort them, lock them down, make them wear masks, sexualize them, inject them with experimental vaccines, lop of their body parts…and now force them into ingesting experimental and probably unsafe milk. Monstrous.

Gofundme? “Goeffyourself” would be more appropriate.

Maybe the CDC can give me tips on how to glow like a firefly, grow antlers like a deer, and have a 4-headed penis like an echidna?


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