Thursday, July 6, 2023

Fourth Of July Fireworks Celebrations Being Replaced By Drone Light Shows


CNN recently announced that “Fire threats and environmental concerns have prompted some US cities to forego traditional Fourth of July fireworks in favor of spectacular drone light shows this year.” Notice the use of the adjective “spectacular” to characterize an event the writer(s) have almost certainly never seen firsthand. Fireworks bad. Drones good. Because no explosions, no smoke, no noise. The next best thing to nothing at all.

Erin Mendenhall, the mayor of Salt Lake City, Utah, a recent convert to drone shows, stated in a news release that the city’s new format marked an effort to minimize the chance of an unwanted conflagration due to the area’s “high fire danger” status-- and to lessen air quality problems caused by such pyrotechnics.

“As temperatures rise and fire danger increases, we must be conscientious of both our air quality and the potential for wildfires,” Mendenhall said in the release.

Boulder, Colorado, is among an increasing number of other cities that have made similar decisions this year as regards to fireworks and how to celebrate—or not—the Fourth of July. And it isn’t always a local decision as to whether-- or not-- to employ fireworks in celebration of our nation’s birth. The Biden administration has expressly forbidden fireworks at Mount Rushmore for the third straight year.

Some claim fireworks need to go the way of the dinosaurs because they may upset pets and be triggering for those with PTSD. That may be the case with any loud noise—and a host of other things-- all year long, whereas with fireworks we are talking about 30 minutes one evening a year.

I have seen some truly spectacular fireworks shows. Call me a skeptic, but it is hard for me to imagine a “spectacular” drone light show. This is just another way to justify using global warming-- and anything else progressives can grab ahold of-- to take away freedoms, dispense with tradition, and avoid celebrating the founding of America.

And the drone lights’ red glare, the gentle whirring in air

Gave proof through the night that our PRIDE! flag was still there


And that banner yet waves.

O’er the land of the increasingly less free and the home of the formerly brave.



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