Monday, April 10, 2017

Robot Has First Period In Scientific Breakthrough

                 According to a report from, a “robot” has “had its first period in an incredible scientific feat which brings us a step closer to creating robots in our own image.” Do we really want our future robots to be “on the rag?” Why?! I thought Alice Cooper said only women bleed. I guess it’s a brave new world. Will we soon have to run to the store to purchase “feminine” hygiene products for our menstruating- and embarrassed- A.I. robot masters? What kind of a bizarro world would that be? We are in such a rush to dismiss any and all differences between actual, living, in-the-flesh human sexes, it would be surpassingly strange if we wanted to make sure our advanced machines of the future could menstruate.
                None-the-less, according to the report, scientists at Northwestern University used human cells to successfully recreate a female reproductive system “in a box.” (Insert your own witticism here).
                After activating their Frankensteinian creation, researchers claim the book-sized “biobot,” dubbed EVATAR (get it?), completed its first menstrual cycle. Yay!
What comes first, the robot or the egg? Just kidding. It’s the progressive person thinking about having sex with an artificially-menstruating A.I. sex-bot named Mercedes, obviously. 

The future of artificial intelligence and its reproduction appears bright. The future of humanity…not so much.

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