Monday, April 17, 2017

University Of Wisconsin Employees Sue School For Not Paying For Gender Reassignment Surgeries

                Two “transgender” University of Wisconsin employees filed a federal lawsuit Friday against the University system, its board of regents, and its insurers over refusal to pay for their gender “reassignment” surgeries. The ACLU is assisting with the suit, which would force the state’s taxpayers to pay for the removal of the employee’s penises- and various other costs attendant to “gender reassignment surgery,” according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.
                One of the claimants paid for the surgery out of pocket and subsequently sought to be reimbursed through insurance, but was denied. The other decided not to have his sex change because his insurance wouldn’t pay for the procedure(s).
                Their lawsuit claims that the University of Wisconsin’s health insurance plans “single out transgender employees for unequal treatment by categorically depriving them of all medical care for gender dysphoria,” which they claim is a serious medical condition codified in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders and International Classification of Diseases. Interestingly enough, homosexuality was classified as a mental illness as recently as a few decades ago, but gays and lesbians fought hard for its removal from the list. Transgenders, however- many of whom are gay- appear to be insistent that they are victims of “gender dysphoria,” an insidious disorder- disease?- that they have no control over. Hmmm.
                Shannon Andrews, who paid for “her” surgery out of pocket, said the following in a statement obtained by the Journal Sentinel: “Many people can relate to paying into an insurance plan only to be told that the treatment they need is not covered,” and described the state’s decision not to pay for sex changes as “clearly discrimination.” So, surely those “many people” Andrews referred to who’ve been told by their insurers that the treatment plan(s) they need aren’t covered are also the victims of discrimination, correct Ms. Andrews? Or are you going to deny that? If they are, then the transgendered haven’t been “singled out,” have they?
                We are rapidly careening towards a time when no one will be held responsible for anything, and any and all behaviors- even the most perverse and deviant- will not only be seen as acceptable, but lauded and subsidized. “Polyamorous Pride!” and “Incest is Best!” will be the P.C. phrases of the (not so distant) future. (Unless we’re all married to A.I. sexbots by then. But, never fear, I’m sure there will soon be a vast panoply of kinky A.I. options to accommodate any and all fetishes).
Bestiality? Hey, I suffer from species dysphoria, and I think my university/health plan/neighbors/countrypersons should pay for my species reassignment surgeries!
Whether one has had “Reassignment” surgery or not, it takes balls to make demands like these.

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