Friday, April 14, 2017

Doctor Says He Became An Abortion Provider To "Exercise Christian Compassion"

                 Dr. Willie Parker, board chair of “Physicians for Reproductive Health,” and abortion provider extraordinaire, stated that he wants to take the moral high ground back from the pro-life movement. He made this bizarre and offensive declaration in an interview with that pillar of journalistic integrity, Rolling Stone magazine.
                Apparently, Dr. Parker has a new book out, “Life’s Work: A Moral Argument for Choice,” in which he wrote that he decided to become an abortion provider to “exercise Christian compassion not by proxy, but with my own capable hands.” WTF? Doc, since when is extinguishing innocent, newly budding life exercising Christian compassion? Easter is nearly here. I doubt Jesus would characterize abortion as “Christian compassion.” On Easter, we celebrate a death overcome, a rebirth of an innocent one wrongly executed.
                Incredibly, the good doctor told Rolling Stone that Martin Luther King Jr.’s sermon, “I’ve Been to the Mountaintop,” helped move him to perform abortions. I’ve read and re-read that speech since, and I must confess I can’t find anything in it that would persuade me to want to kill (my own) kid(s), or lead me to believe Dr. King was pro-abortion.
                Parker helpfully explains: “That sermon by Dr. King was instrumental in me examining my role in addressing injustice and oppression.” He also said he was influenced by the writings of Malcolm X. Injustice and oppression? There can be no more egregious form of injustice than killing an innocent baby, the ultimate victim of oppression, who, though created by others, is deemed “an inconvenience.” And, for the record, Dr. King’s beliefs and Malcolm X’s do not exactly jibe.
                The abortion provider elaborated: “Their sense of work is from a deep place of humanity and wanting for others what you want for yourself. The courage that’s necessary to assert yourself on behalf of human dignity, they modeled that for me, despite risk.”

                “Humanity” and “human dignity” are enhanced by dicing up little humans? Infanticide takes no “courage,” Mr. Parker. And, does “Wanting for others what you want for yourself” mean you wish you had been aborted, doctor?

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