Sunday, April 23, 2017

The University Of Wisconsin And "The Problem Of Whiteness"

                The University of Wisconsin is offering a course titled “The Problem of Whiteness” at its Madison campus. The class, part of the “Critical Whiteness Studies” curriculum, will cover institutional racism and “what it means to be #woke.” The course will also attempt to offer solutions to the “problem of whiteness.” The class description reads: “We will ask what an ethical white identity entails…and consider the journal Race Traitor’s motto, ‘treason to whiteness is loyalty to humanity.’”
                WTF? I mean, what the effing eff?!
                Calling Race Traitor- whatever it is- a journal seems a little too legitimizing to me, rather like calling Rachel Maddow a journalist, or Amy Schumer a comedienne. And the motto, “treason to whiteness is loyalty to humanity,” is akin to stating, “betrayal of logic is fealty to reason.”
                The class is being taught by Damon Sajnani, a radical assistant professor at the school, who believes America is a terrorist state. Ironically, “Professor D,” as he is known, hails from the Great White North (Canada), and is white himself. It must be admitted, however, that he is a bit of a renaissance man, as, aside from his professorial duties, he is a rapper and also runs “Justus League Records,” a group calling for revolution. Their website brands them as “The Dope Poet Society,” and as “Hiphop Revolutionaries in the struggle to save the world.”  You had me at “Hiphop Revolutionaries.”
                Professor D and the University of Wisconsin (and most universities in the country now) are certainly themselves textbook examples of institutional racism, and of “what it means to be #ajoke,” albeit a very bad- and dangerous- one.

                The UW-Madison has also recently become the latest institute of higher learning to install free feminine hygiene products in some of the men’s bathrooms on campus. They’re on a roll! Higher education at its finest!

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