Saturday, April 29, 2017

Girl With Toy Water Pistol Expelled From School

                Sara Nichols, a 16-year-old student at Alabama’s Prattville High School, has been expelled for a full year for possession of a toy water pistol. The Montgomery Advertiser reported that she was given the water pistol by a fellow student. She put it in her backpack and then put the backpack in the back seat of her car. Another student observed the handover and informed school officials. In addition, cameras on the school’s grounds captured footage of the taboo toy transfer, and Nichols was subsequently called to the office to account for her actions.
                She confessed to having the toy inside a backpack in the rear seat of her vehicle. The Autauga County Board of Education banned her from school property and all extra-curricular activities, and expelled her not just from Prattville High, but from all schools within the county.
                In related news, another Prattville High student was later discovered to have a Swiss Army knife in an emergency kit in his car’s trunk.

                He is scheduled to be executed Thursday. 

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