Friday, April 17, 2015

California Water-Use Restrictions

                California residents will likely soon be fined up to $500 per day for…taking long showers. That is significantly more than the average household earns in a day. Due to the drought and subsequent water shortage in the state, strict rules are forthcoming regulating water usage. Any usage of water over a daily household limit will bring the fines down on the offending party. Governor Jerry Brown specifically acknowledged that taking long showers would be one offense that could result in the fines.
                Brown signed an order recently demanding a 25% drop in urban water use as compared to 2013. The Governor says that voluntary water cutbacks haven’t been nearly enough to compensate for the extended drought. California’s water board has established some state-wide regulations, restricting lawn watering and prohibiting restaurants from serving water unless customers specifically request it.
                That could be a win-win! Maybe some folks will become dehydrated and not have to flush their toilets as often! Perhaps the next step will be to ban the usage of flush toilets. The water board could decree that citizens must go to the bathroom outdoors or in an outhouse or Satellite. Another win-win! These places  typically don’t have faucets for washing one’s hands! More water savings!

                The Land of Milk and Honey is no more.
                All that glitters may no longer be gold.

                Stock up on Purell.

                “Who’s that guy, honey?”

                “Oh, he’s just our shower monitor, dear.”               ”

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