Sunday, April 19, 2015

How Dumb Is We?

                Recently, the Pew Research Center published a report titled, “What Do Americans Know?” The report was based on the results of a survey of over 1,000 adult Americans. Those surveyed were asked 12 “easy” multiple-choice questions about prominent matters in the news.
                It  will come as no surprise to conservatives that the results were not encouraging.
                The average score among these voting-age citizens was 5. Five. F-I-V-E. This is only slightly better than the result of pure guesswork.
                Less than half of these American adults knew that it was oil- not tourism, soybeans or auto manufacturing- that fueled the recent economic boom in North Dakota.
                Only one in five knew that Social Security costs the federal government more than transportation, foreign aid or interest on the debt.
                Many, if not most Americans, don’t know what the country’s founding principles are/were. Most couldn’t tell you much about the first ten Amendments…the Bill of Rights. Most have no idea that it was the Democratic Party that was pro slavery and segregation for many decades surrounding the Civil War and the Republican Party that drove anti-slavery and anti-segregation legislation.
                Tragically, whether it’s knowledge of current events or key concepts of history, most Americans are clueless.  Of course, much (most) of the blame lies with the clueless, but it isn’t coincidence that the majority of the big government types in power like them that way. And have actively promoted policies that have aided and abetted the dumbing-down of America’s citizenry. Democrats are always nervous when a low voter turnout is expected. If it’s only those with detailed knowledge of the issues voting, they know they are likely in trouble.
                Speaking at the City Club of Cleveland recently, President Obama strongly suggested that all Americans eligible to vote should be compelled to vote. That is taking away a right. No pro-choice blather there. Why do you think he said this?

                Because he knows how ignorant we are.

                We’ve proved it.


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