Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Global Warming Is Here!

               Last year at this time I lost my job due to climate change.
              A few days ago, the vehicle my son was driving got a flat tire. I saw that a screw, not a nail, had somehow cleanly penetrated the tire. I took it in to be patched or repaired. The technician at the tire shop said it couldn’t be repaired, as it was punctured in a bad place. He said that global climate change was causing changes in the relative densities of metals and rubber and that therefore flat tires were becoming more common. He told me that I’d need a new tire (the punctured one was only a year old), but that, due to global warming, he didn’t have a matching tire in stock. He’d have to get one from a nearby location. He told me that it was hard to keep tires in stock as they aren’t lasting as long as they used to on the hotter roadways of the era.
                Today I noticed coolant leaking out of my truck’s engine compartment and puddling on the driveway. I brought it in to the dealership and had it diagnosed. The tech said it was leaking from the thermostat and thermostat housing. It would be $580 to fix. He said this is occurring more frequently now because of man-caused climate change. (Thermostats are devices that signal changes in temperature and/or establish and maintain a desired temperature).
                We recently found out that my son received his first ‘non-A’ grade in high school on an advanced placement calculus test. We attribute this to El-Nino’ induced warming, as there doesn’t appear to be any other logical reason for the mark.
                Just in the last couple of weeks I have noticed the rapidly rising temperatures where I live. Two weeks ago we had lows in the teens a couple of nights, yet this week has seen daytime highs rise into the sixties on consecutive days! The earth is overheating to the point that ice is melting on many lakes in the area. If this trend continues, their ice sheets will completely disappear in a matter of weeks! This would be disastrous for ice fishermen who depend on the ice to provide them a safe and secluded place to drink and get away from their wives.
                There are those who claim global warming or climate change is  a hoax, but I know better. They would rather just ignore all the obvious signs.

                There’s just no reasoning with some people.


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