Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The War on Babies

             Senator John Cornyn (R., Texas) recently introduced a bill that would aid victims of sex-trafficking by utilizing fines paid by traffickers to fund services for their victims. A good thing, right? Who could possibly be against this?
Incredibly, Democrats insist that those services must include abortion, whereas the bill itself specifies that abortion will not be among the services provided. Democrats are intent on blocking the bill until abortion is among the services the bill would provide.
Abortion is already legal. Girls who’ve been smuggled across continents, held as slaves and been subjected to heinous horrors are in need of a lot of things, yet all Democrats seem to care about is their free and unfettered access to publicly funded abortion!
There is an overwhelming crassness, coarseness and callousness that has descended on our society. We have been desensitized to almost anything and everything imaginable. We have been dumbed-down. We have been "euphemized." Some are getting euthanized.
If, perchance, we ascend to Heaven to find millions- or billions- of aborted babies there, will we be chagrinned? Will we understand what we have done?
I don’t want to write about abortion anymore. I don’t set out to. I have no quota of abortion themed posts. But, to many Democrats, everything appears to revolve around abortion. It is their Holy Grail, from which a certain percentage of their leftist base are sure to drink.
To  deny aid to victims of sex-trafficking unless that aid includes funding for abortions is a monstrous act, but what kind of coverage is this getting in the mainstream media?


There is no “war on women.”

There is a war on babies.

And it’s a slaughter.

One side can’t fight back.

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