Friday, April 24, 2015

Utah Mom Is Baby Killer

                Megan Huntsman, a Utah woman who has admitted to murdering six of her newborn babies, was sentenced to six terms of up to life in prison, the maximum possible sentence. Huntsman told police she had strangled or suffocated the infants and had lost count of how many, according to court documents. Well, any of us could lose track of minutia like that.
                She told police she believed there were 8 or 9 infant bodies in her garage. But Pleasant Grove (you can’t make this crap up) Police Captain Mike Roberts told the Associated Press that they believe there were “only the seven (you can’t make this crap up) found in the garage.”
                “She couldn’t remember the exact figure so she threw a ballpark figure out there,” he said. “That was her guess.”
                 I mean, let’s not be judgmental here. Who among us can remember exactly how many of our own kids we’ve strangled or suffocated??!
                Police found Xanax, marijuana and bongs inside the trailer home where she was living with her boyfriend in a Salt Lake City suburb. There’s a shock.
                Roberts said that during her interview she appeared “perfectly normal.” Investigators say they know Huntsman’s motive but declined to discuss it publicly. What the hell? Let me guess, she did it for world peace or to advance the cause of science? To help alleviate global warming? Perhaps as a protest of the one-percent or the sequestration? Performance art?
               Or just maybe it was because she’s a scumbag serial-killer who didn’t want the hassle of dealing with babies.

                Oh well. What’s the big deal?

                She’s really just a freelance after-birth abortionist. She shouldn’t have been given these life sentences. She should be celebrated as a pioneer. She should be up for the Katha Pollit/Melissa Harris-Perry Lifetime Achievement Award!

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