Thursday, April 30, 2015

Baltimore And The Empty Ballpark

                What if they held a ballgame and nobody came? Well, that happened for the first time in history yesterday, at least as far as Major League Baseball is concerned. Nobody was allowed to come to the game and enter the park, due to fear of rioting and uncontrollable violence and disorder.
                Disorder. There is a lot of that in the country today.
                An empty baseball park is very symbolic of what has happened- what has been done- to America in recent years, courtesy of Barack Obama and his band of leftist Democrats.
                In days of yore, parks were filled with families eating hot dogs and singing “Take Me Out To The Ballgame.” Now, families- and hot dogs- are under assault. And officials are worried about a ‘brawlgame’ breaking out.
                Baseball helped integrate this nation with the likes of the great (player and person) Jackie Robinson. Now, our President, AL Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and a long list of white “liberals” fan the flames of racial hatred and ignorance.

                We are disintegrating, as a people and as a nation.

                 Think of America herself as a great ballpark that has sheltered and brought together hundreds of millions of people, via a vast melting pot, and forged them into one mighty, unprecedented entity with the belief in limited government of, by and for the people… and the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
                Tragically, that “figurative” ballpark truly is almost empty now.
                Families have been devastated by government policies as our inner cities collapse and go financially- and morally- bankrupt. Hot dogs are a no-no to Michelle Obama and her ilk. The melting pot has been turned off. Limited government? Seriously? No one believes in that concept anymore! The right to life? Abortion now and forever. Hell, “post-birth” abortion is supported by many libs now. Liberty? You can’t do this, you must do that, you are watched wherever you go…all for your own good of course. And if you’re a conservative, watch out! The First and Second Amendments are under serious attack, you think others won’t be, too?
                We have lost our collective soul. Many of our rights, including the most precious natural ones, are being eroded daily if not outright taken away. We do, however, apparently have the right to free contraception and gay marriage. (Well, we probably don’t need to take advantage of both of those rights simultaneously!).
                Old notions of faith, hard work, dignity, pulling yourself up by your own bootstraps, and the like, are openly mocked and scorned, called remnants of a patriarchal, non-inclusive, hyper-Christian society.
                It is telling that, as baseball fades in popularity, it is slowly being replaced by the third world sports of soccer and hooliganism.

                Elvis really has left the building.

                And America went with him.

                The great ballpark stands empty.


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