Thursday, April 2, 2015

Hillary Clinton E-Mail Scandal (Watered-Down Gate)

                 Former First Lady and Secretary of State Hillary (Rodham) Clinton recently admitted using her personal account for official government business. This is an official no-no for various reasons.
                Now she basically admits she deleted all e-mails from her server  after Committee Chairman Rep. Trey Gowdy and the State Department itself demanded/asked her to turn them over!
                Incredibly, she also stated, in response to a congressional subpoena, that she would not allow an independent third party to analyze the server.
                The 18-minute-gap in the Nixon tapes was front page news for months and he never intentionally deleted anything. The press hounded him for months and drove him out of the presidency. “What are you trying to hide, what are you covering up, Mr. President?!!” was the cry of the day. Week. Month. Era.  It is still talked about today and taught in schools. (Yet few believe that Nixon gave direct orders to anyone to break into the Watergate Hotel).
              That being the case, what he did absolutely pales in comparison to Former Secretary Clinton’s actions. Whether she is lying about her finances (“We were dead broke when we left the White House”), Benghazi, or any number of other subjects, she certainly learned well the practiced arts of lying, dissemination, deceit and the parsing of words. Makes sense. She had a good teacher in her husband, Bill. Who can forget, “Sorry I’m late, we were pinned down by gunfire?” Brian Williams was suspended for six months for a similar prevarication. This current disdain for the law has so many levels… from going against the regulations in the first place to deleting e-mails after they were officially requested by government bodies and representatives of the people…to baldly and boldly stating that she will not comply with a subpoena! Imagine if Tricky Dick had done that.
                This doesn’t even take into account the fact that the Clintons accepted millions of dollars in donations to their foundation from foreign governments while she was the acting Secretary of State of the United States of America! What could possibly go wrong?
                The saddest and most stupefying thing about this whole sordid episode is that it is getting so little coverage. The fact that she deleted her e-mails and does not intend to comply with a subpoena was found hidden in a small blurb on page A 7 in my local paper on March 28th. The blurb was 3 5/8” in length and 1 5/8” wide. Watergate? Watered-Down Gate.
                The Clintons have an unprecedented ability to get away with virtually anything. (The old cliché would be that they could  “get away with murder.” I’m not going there).
                Wake up, America. You should know by now…if a Clinton’s mouth is moving, disingenuousness is pouring out. What have we become?

                Do we really want to reward that?


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