Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Pro-Abortion Extremists Attacking Churches Around The U.S.


Pro-abortion extremists recently struck St. Joseph’s Priory, a Catholic church in Armada, Michigan, spray-painting a pentagram and “666” on one of the sanctuary’s walls. Classy. Rational. That will be sure to gain converts to their cause.

And that was just one of many attacks on churches and crisis pregnancy centers around the U.S. since the Supreme Court rightfully overturned Roe v. Wade.

To wit: the Christian Post reported that suspects recently defaced a pregnancy resource center in Denton, Texas. The vandals utilized graffiti to declare “Forced birth is murder.” Vandals also recently broke into the Sacred Heart of Mary Church in Boulder, Colorado, smashing windows and spray-painting messages such as “Abortion Saves Lives.”

It is impossible to spray-paint, write, type-- or utter-- a phrase more self-evidently opposite of the truth than “forced birth is murder” or “abortion saves lives.”

Forced birth is not, in fact, murder. Much like “forced murder” is not birth. Saying that “abortion saves lives” is akin to saying, “murder saves lives.” It is preposterous, absurd, nonsensical, offensive.

While I’m on the subject, the “pro-choice” claim that “abortion is love,” a slogan often found on hastily constructed placards, is equally preposterous and despicable. Abortion is not love, just as love is not abortion.”

Love is not hate, hate is not love. Men are not women, women are not men.

Truth is not a lie, as lying is not truthfulness. Slavery is not freedom. Freedom is not slavery.

Democrats (and progressives and leftists, though these are essentially all now one and the same) have been conducting a Euphemism and Prevarication Festival for years now. It has grown old. It is time for it to end.

Calling someone a “pregnant man” doesn’t make her one. No matter how much she/he/they may wish it to be so.  

And, to quote former Biden administration press secretary Jen Psaki, let me “circle back” to the idea of “forced birth.” Pro-life people do not want to force anyone to be pregnant and therefore face the prospect of giving birth. No pro-life person to my knowledge has ever demanded that anyone have intercourse, let alone unprotected intercourse. In fact, we’d much prefer that most pro-abortion folks never bear children! The term “forced birth” is preposterous prevarication and makes the person employing it appear ridiculous and pathetic. It is one thing that should be aborted.

There are simple solutions to a number of modern problems, though one may sadly risk being “cancelled” for stating them. Don’t want to have a baby? Don’t engage in the behavior that could lead to that result. Want to dramatically lessen the chance you’ll contract the monkeypox? Don’t engage in the behavior that puts you at dramatically heightened risk of doing so.

That said, we all fervently hope that monkeypox runs its course without affecting a measurable percentage of the population.

Donkeypox, however, is now a scourge upon the land, and one that will be exceedingly hard to eradicate. In fact, if we cannot do so by the end of 2022 or 2024, we may be plagued by it forever.   






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