Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Biden Administration Imposing New Intolerable Acts On Americans


In 1774, the British imposed the Intolerable Acts on the American colonies. These acts, also called the Coercive Acts, were punishment for the Americans’ disobedience to the crown, particularly as symbolized by the Boston Tea Party, a rebellion against a (relatively mild) increase on the tax on tea.

My fellow Americans, we have recently been subjected to a second set of Coercive Acts, call them the Intolerable Acts 2.0.

These acts have been imposed on American citizens by their own supposedly representative government, the Biden Administration, as punishment for disobedience to the Democratic Party and the Deep State, as symbolized by the MAGA movement and the election of Donald Trump.

What are the new Intolerable Acts? I will list a number of them here for you now, many of them a result of executive fiat, not unlike those directed at the colonists by King George III.

*Rescinding the Keystone Pipeline permit, depriving his country’s citizens of vast quantities of oil and cancelling countless well-paying jobs at the same time.

*Withdrawing oil and gas leases across the nation and its coastal waters, depriving his country’s citizens of vast quantities of oil and gas and cancelling countless well-paying jobs at the same time.

*Dramatically restricting fracking and preventing all new extraction of oil or gas on federal lands, depriving his country’s citizens of vast quantities of oil and cancelling countless well-paying jobs at the same time.

* Proposing and fostering other policies guaranteed to dramatically worsen inflation, adversely affecting all Americans lives, especially those with lower incomes and less leverage and opportunities.

*Refusing to close or even effectively monitor or police our southern border, condemning Americans to suffer significant increases in violent crime, drug overdoses, sex trafficking, and the proliferation of diseases like COVID-19.

*Treating illegal aliens far better than citizens in fly-over country, in many cases putting them up in hotels and then granting them sanctuary status, driver’s licenses and free education and health care…all paid for by taxpayers, including those dolts in fly-over country.

*Instituting policies guaranteed to worsen crime and supporting groups like Antifa and BLM that routinely burn and loot American cities-- and sometimes kill innocent people and police officers.

*Jailing January 6 protesters, nearly all of whom were actually peaceful, in many cases indefinitely and without charging them, because, well, January 6 was, in some ways, the MAGA movements Tea Party.

* Sending the FBI and/or DOJ after individual political opponents, raiding their houses in the wee hours with preposterously overwhelming force, dragging them out in their underclothes-- and making a spectacle of them for the media.

*Targeting legal firearm owners and attempting to repeal the God-given right to self-defense, a right more important now than ever before…due to the very policies of so-called progressives like those in the Biden administration that want to strip you of this inalienable right.

*Attempting to repeal the First Amendment and strip all of us of our right to free speech, religion and assembly. Labeling speech with which they disagree as “hate speech.”

*Telling us that there is no way to definitively ascertain sex at birth…or any other time for that matter.

*Attempting to force us to take an experimental gene therapy “vaccine” into our bodies against our will, while simultaneously saying everyone should have the right to decide whether or not to kill their unborn babies because it’s “your body, and therefore your choice.”

There were five original Intolerable Acts. Those acts were the proximate cause of the First Continental Congress…and the American Revolution.

I have listed nearly three times that number of (what should effectively be considered to be) “intolerable Acts” the American government has imposed on its citizens in the past 18 months.

What say you, Americans?










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