Thursday, August 4, 2022

Queer TikTok Video Educator Proclaims Pre-schoolers Need To Be Taught About Various Genders And Aberrant Sexuality


A self-described “queer and trans educator and children’s performer” recently posted a video on TikTok in an attempt to justify teaching preschoolers about (aberrant) sexuality.

In the video, the queer and trans educator (and children’s performer!) touted a website called "Queer Kid Stuff." This is the message one finds on the "Queer Kid Stuff" home page: "Hi friend! Welcome to our corner of the internet. We’re Queer Kid Stuff! An edutainment company that brings LGBTQ+ and social justice media to kids and families! We make videos, podcasts, newsletters, and so much more!” Etc. A large banner across the screen proclaims: “LET’S SPREAD QUEER JOY!”

How does “queer joy” differ from plain old garden-variety “joy?” Apparently, the site will explain that to the kiddies.

The QKS site offers an eight-week remote learning course on social justice and LGBTQ+ topics for kids in pre-k through third grade. The site also links to an "educational resource" page that in turn has a link to "Woke Kindergarten." For its part, Woke Kindergarten claims it is a "global, abolitionist early childhood ecosystem & visionary creative portal supporting children, families, educators, and organizations in their commitment to abolitionist early education and pro-black and queer and trans liberation."

“Global, abolitionist early childhood ecosystem & visionary creative portal?” What the hell? That description contains almost as many meaningless woke buzzwords as the bumper stickers on a progressive’s Prius.

Another section on the educational resource page is called “My Kid Is Gay,” which in turn sports a link to a site named “Everyone Is Gay.” Which may eventually be the case if QKS has its way.

But back to “Lindz,” the queer and trans educator and children’s performer. He/she/they states in his/her/their TikTok video that “kids…as young as preschoolers…need to understand gender and sexuality,” and adds, “once you get past this age, it’s a lot harder to undo and complicate the ideas of the kind of cis-heteronormative world that these kids and we are in.”   

Ah, there it is, the central theme, the main goal! Queer adults must take it upon themselves to “undo” the bogus, arbitrary, and unsubstantiated ideas of cis-heteronormativity before kids go off to kindergarten! The acquired wisdom, traditional morals, and best practices of Millenia must be thrown out because “Lindz,” and radical groomers like her/him/they, say so.   

“Progressives” typically want no restrictions on aborting pre-born babies. Then, if and when a child is born, they immediately wish to tamper with that child’s “sexuality” and “assigned” gender.

This is nothing less than a particularly pernicious form of child abuse…and should be treated as such.



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