Sunday, August 7, 2022

Men Suffer Greater Severity, Fatality From COVID-19


Recent studies have reported greater severity and fatality associated with COVID-19 among men as compared to women. This has been the case across the globe, though the mechanisms for the sex-based differences in infection severity are not yet clear. Nonetheless, all research observations thus far made indicate that researchers must consider the patients’ sex as an important variable for COVID-19 data interpretation.

This is surpassingly strange, as we all know that sex is just a construct, not an immutable, irreversible biological fact. Right? So how does the coronavirus differentiate between two constructs, between two things that don’t even truly exist? Moreover, among all the hundreds of different genders, why is it harder on the ones who identify as “men?” This is doubly odd, as we know that everything else negative disproportionately afflicts those who identify as women. (Or peoples of color and those in the LGBTQ community, of course.)

There is an easy solution for “men” who don’t wish to fall victim to COVID-19, however. So easy, they will kick themselves when they hear it: just immediately identify as a female. Duh! Like, hello?

I would finish by saying we need more detailed study results. My guess is that gay men and Black men are the most severely affected by COVID. Gay Black men probably have it much worse than straight white men.




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