Tuesday, August 2, 2022

China-- The New "Rising Sun"-- Trying To Take Over The World


Step by step, little by little, China is boldly attempting to take over the world. Literally. Period.

Whether via the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), the String of Pearls, massive infiltration of America’s higher education system, the pilfering of its businesses’ research and development data, or its recent propensity to buy up American farmland that abuts sensitive military bases, the erstwhile Middle Kingdom’s message is clear: we will become the world’s pre-eminent power no matter what… and there’s nothing you or anyone else can do about it at this point, so don’t bother trying.

According to a CNN report, a recent FBI investigation determined that Chinese-made Huawei equipment placed atop cell towers near rural Midwestern military bases in the United States is capable of disrupting—and capturing-- highly restricted Defense Department communications, including those used by US Strategic Command, which oversees the country's nuclear weapons. That’s nice.

Just kidding. Actually, it raises the question, “Why the hell does America and its government permit this?” (Of course, you could ask that same question about a whole range of things in the past 18-months or so.)

China is not only bribing and coercing countless nations around the world, it is deliberately and grossly misleading them as well. It is offering them what appears to be an economic benefit, albeit a temporary one, while tricking them into indefinite bondage. (Not unlike what Democrats do to entice people to vote for them, especially Black folks and unwed mothers.)

China, the new “Rising Sun,” recently issued stark, if thus far mostly private, warnings to the Biden administration concerning a potential August trip to Taiwan by Speaker of the House  Nancy Pelosi, according to a report in the Financial Times.

People allegedly familiar with the warnings say they were significantly more pointed than those Beijing has made in the past when unhappy with U.S. actions or policy regarding Taiwan…possibly even suggesting a military response. Or so said the Financial Times.

Which has led to reports that the Biden administration is increasingly concerned that a planned trip by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan in August could spark a major crisis across the Taiwan Strait. Apparently, the White House and an array of national security officials have briefed Pelosi and her team about the risks of traveling now, administration officials said. The heads of America’s military branches do not want to risk confrontation with China, either.

Like nearly everything else today, there was no reason we had to end up in this situation, staring at a potential calamity…had we a president with vertebrae. A Teddy Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan, or Donald Trump would have known how to reply to the Chicoms’ threats. In the latter’s case despite the nation’s capitulation to woke dogma.

The correct response would be, “F**k you very much, but we will do what the hell we want to do, when we want to do it. Don’t try to deceive us—or thieve from us--  anymore. Thank you-- and have a nice day.”  




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