Saturday, August 6, 2022

Australian Rugby League Team Forced To Wear Jerseys Supporting LGBTQ Community

Seven players from an Australian premier rugby league team, the Manly Warringah Sea Eagles, recently boycotted an important match with the Sydney Roosters after their team announced that its players would be required to wear a rainbow-themed LGBTQ jersey to show support for inclusivity and diversity. The Sea Eagles were the first team in Australia’s National Rugby League (NRL) to wear pride shirts to boldly promote the LGBTQ agenda. (The depleted squad lost the match 20-10.)

Manly owner Scott Penn subsequently stated that the players would be open to wearing such jerseys in the future if they were properly consulted in advance.

If players on professional sports teams can be forced to wear jerseys—or other apparel—touting causes and political stances that are abhorrent or disagreeable to them, they obviously don’t live in an actual democracy or representative republic.

If they can be forced to wear jerseys promoting homosexuality, oral sex and sodomy, what’s to stop a progressive and “woke” team owner from demanding his or her players wear one touting bestiality, polygamy, polyamory, and/or necrophilia?


NecroPride, baby! NecroPride!

In this case, the Manly team was playing a squad called the Roosters. Did officials really think all of the players would be excited to don apparel touting the LGBTQ community?



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