Friday, August 26, 2022

NEA Proposal Would Have Substituted "Birthing Parent" For "Mother"


The National Education Association (NEA) recently put forward a resolution that would have seen the term "mother" be changed to “birthing parent” in contracts to promote stupidity diversity.

Fortunately, the resolution is now dead, at least for this year. In an email sent to The Washington Times, the NEA stated: “NBI 63 [New Business Item 63] was not considered on the floor of NEA’s 2022 Representative Assembly.” This, perhaps coincidentally, came after the proposal was roundly mocked by parents and others.

The proposal was preposterous on its face, but perfectly in keeping with the growing tide of insanity being pushed by many of our formerly respected institutions. And The Left’s War on Women.

It would have been yet another blow to the English language, already diluted and abused, awash in vagary, group speak, and euphemism.

When such important words are replaced to assuage the feelings of a handful of loonies, countless excellent phrases, cliches and idioms become nonsensical or are rendered impotent.

For example, consider the phrase, “a face only a mother could love.” Does “a face only a birthing parent could love” similarly resonate with you?

She’s such a “birthing parent hen” simply doesn’t work at all. “Hello, my ‘brother from another birthing parent’” loses much in translation, as well.

“Birthing parent of God! I’ve hit the birthing parent lode!” just doesn’t cut it. Nor do any of the following:

*”the birthing parent of all evils”

*”birthing parent nature”

*”birthing parent of pearl”

*”necessity is the birthing parent of invention”

*”step-birthing parent”

*”birthing parent country”


Sweet Mary, birthing parent of Jesus, this is ridiculous!

I’d like to tell those birthingparentf*ckers at the NEA: “your birthing parents wear army boots!”

              (And, no, I don’t kiss my birthing parent with that mouth!)

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