Thursday, October 21, 2021

Professor Says Jews Weaponized Weed To Make Black Men Gay


In light of recent events, it is tempting to say that we have seen everything now. Happily, however, we stand corrected.

              A San Francisco State University professor named Wesley Muhammad recently said he believes that Jewish people, in conjunction with the U.S. government, are using marijuana to make black men gay.

              Muhammad, a lecturer in the Africana Studies Department of SFSU’s College of Ethnic Studies, made the assertion at the Saviours Day Convention in Chicago, an official Nation of Islam event.

              Muhammad averred: "It is Jewish genius that has helped… to weaponize the weed so that it may effeminize the black male of America. And be clear, it is Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam that is standing in between the total demasculinization of the Black man in America.” 

              “Weed” may have been weaponized, but not by the Jews. If so, it is because it now contains several times more of the hallucinatory drug THC. There is no doubt that the vast majority of males of all races-- and America as a whole-- have been feminized in recent decades. Various “progressives” and societal trends have led to this enervation, but it was never a Jewish conspiracy. It is the desired result of leftist groups’ and professors’ assault on “toxic masculinity” and their purported belief that men should act more like women…and, in fact, can be women if they so choose.  

              Asserting that America and the Jews weaponized weed to make Black men gay is akin to Monty Python’s skit in which Eric Idle analyzed (fictitious) Professor Eddie Prestman’s “startling new theory” that the dinosaurs built Stonehenge. (Professor Prestman also posited that the Romans built the World Trade Center, that the FBI built the pyramids, and that chickens come from outer space.)

              A Facebook account sporting Muhammad’s name characterizes the COVID-19 pandemic as a “pestilence from heaven.” Muhammed added: "We've documented the first area codes that were devastated by coronavirus in America were Jewish area codes," strongly implying that the virus was aimed by Allah at the Jews.  

              It is more likely that the dinosaurs built Stonehenge.


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