Friday, October 8, 2021

Billie Eilish Slimes Texas


Spoiled young music star Billie Eilish told her audience at a recent Texas show that she considered cancelling her appearance in protest of a law that put new restrictions on abortions in the Lone Star State. Eilish exclaimed, "Hey! I am so f*cking sick and tired of old men!" to her fans enthusiastic applause.

She ranted on, yelling: "Men in general, sorry! But old ones, especially! Shut the f*ck up about our bodies! Oh my god! Shut the f*ck up! And I have to be honest with you, that when they made this sh*t a law, I almost didn't want to do this show. Because I wanted to punish this f*cking place! For allowing that to happen here!"

Eilish thinks it would “punish” Texas if she didn’t show up to perform a concert? If she aborted her tour? To use her (if that’s the right pronoun) vernacular, what a stuck-up c*nt! And she didn’t cancel, did she? Because she is a virtue-signaling fraud, who bashes traditional values and capitalism as she swings through Texas to suck up the cash she loves. You can be sure the greedy little hypocritical skank is all for vaccine mandates, though!

One of Eilish’s songs is titled “All the Good Girls Go to Hell.” If that were indeed the case, Eilish, who is not religious, wouldn’t have to worry. Oddly enough, that song is about the dangers of climate change. Were I Eilish, I would fret far more about where my pro-abortion views might lead me.

Another recent Eilish song is titled “Happier Than Ever.” It is a song about telling someone off.

Note to Eilish: In actuality, if any girls go to Hell, it is the bad ones, not the good ones. Killing innocent babies for one’s own convenience is bad.

It makes me Happier Than Ever to inform you of that.


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