Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Democrats' Spending Bill Would Pay Journalists


The Democrats’ $3.5 trillion spending bill contains many things that the party would like to keep under wraps. For example, the bill sports a special journalism “tax credit” equal to 50% of the salary of each journalist—up to $50,000 per journalist annually.

Democrats love to yammer on about the separation of church and state, but what about the separation of media and state? What of a free and independent press and speaking truth to power? Stripping taxpayers’ of their money and using it to fund the Fourth Estate would necessarily render American “journalism” on par with Pravda and the Korean Central News Agency.

The mainstream media is already wildly biased in favor of radical progressives and socialist programs. Much of what it “reports” is fake news. Imagine if it was monetarily on the take from leftists in government. No sentient being could ever again trust another word “journalists” wrote or uttered.

Democrats are all about picking winners and losers. They don’t leave anything to chance. Or a free market. They think they know best, and they want to dictate every outcome. That is the opposite of what legitimate governments believe…and do. As Jefferson noted, legitimate governments derive their power solely from the people, and are instituted among men to protect every individual’s natural rights. And to provide equal opportunity…not equal outcomes.

Why do Democrats want to take money from some Americans and give it to abortion clinics, illegal aliens, and journalists? Why do they provide big tax breaks and subsidies for wind and solar power? Why not tax breaks for miners, plumbers, policemen, nurses or baristas?

If the Democrats’ bill were to pass with the journalism tax credit intact, journalists would be ever more beholden to—and besotted with—far left Democrats and their freedom-killing policies.

We would constantly be subjected to incredibly misleading headlines and preposterously biased articles.

On second thought, maybe it wouldn’t make much difference after all.




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