Friday, October 22, 2021

Did Trump Tell Bannon To "Attack Democracy?"



So read the actual headline for the article by Josh Chafetz of NBC News, as posted on I knew at a glance that the headline was far too preposterous to be true. Turns out, I was right. It was the “news” equivalent of clickbait.

Nowhere in the article was Trump quoted as saying, “Steve, I want you to attack democracy!” There was no assertion of the kind. Nothing remotely close to The Donald asking Bannon to wage war on democracy or democratic institutions. The closest the post got was in the excerpt(s) below.

Substantively, any privilege claims raised by the subpoenaed witnesses are nonsense. This is especially true of Bannon, who, as law professor Jonathan Alder pointed out, was “neither an attorney nor government official,” and therefore has no legal basis for refusing to testify. If Bannon continues to refuse to comply with the subpoena, he should not only be tried but also convicted. That is as it should be, because Bannon’s spurning of the committee strikes at the heart of democratic governance in two distinct but related ways.

 Trump has asked his former aides to defy the subpoenas; meanwhile, committee members are pointedly refusing to rule out a subpoena for Trump himself.

Trump believes—correctly—that the mad mob out to get him is engaged in a sustained “attack on democracy,” or, more correctly, our republic. There were “Democratic” politicians that were calling for Trump to be impeached before he even took office! Democrats routinely attack democracy be attempting to strip away protections from citizens granted by the Bill of Rights. They treat the Constitution, a.k.a. “the law of the land,” as if it were good for nothing but lining a parakeet’s cage. They want to pack the Supreme Court, make the federal capital a state, and eliminate the filibuster.

Democrats sponsor and support Antifa, BLM, and assorted other criminals in looting stores and burning down buildings, actual attacks on our democracy…and those who make it work.

And they are all in on attempting to repeal the unrepealable: the individual rights granted to us by our Creator. President Biden all but said “screw your freedoms” when talking to Americans about vaccine mandates. Democrats believe they not only have a right to any amount of our wealth they see fit to take “for the good of the whole,” but that they own our bodies, as well. “Your bodies, our choice,” they insist.

Trump did not tell Bannon to “attack democracy.” That is simply fake news.

So I will close by saying, “Let’s Go Brandon!”



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